Shea Kreations | About The Brand
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About The Brand

Our story

Being natural, I thought that the products available where too expensive and most contained mineral oil. By trial and error, we started making our own products just for our family. Most people we know struggle with hair loss, thin hair, slow growth, dry and itchy skin, etc.They started inquiring about how our hair was growing and how well the products work when shaving as well. This is when Shea Kreations was born! We created a line of products that are an alternative to expensive hair products but giving the same quality. During this time, we realized that so many women needed statement earrings to enhance their new found freedom (Natural). Painting is my first love and each pair is created with you in mind. It’s truly an honor to be able to provide you with both.


We hope that you find our products and jewelry to be the answer to your needs. LET’S GROW TOGETHER!